Người Câu Bóng Mình (NXB Hội Nhà Văn, 2011) là tập thơ thứ ba của Võ Văn Luyến. Theo anh trai, nhà thơ Võ Văn Hoa, giới thiệu rằng đây là tập thơ được trình bày trang nhã, bìa được thiết kế bởi họa sĩ Võ Xuân Huy. 64 bài với phong cách khác nhau và giọng thơ riêng được chọn lọc kỹ càng. Những tác phẩm trước đây của Võ Văn Luyến là: Trầm Hương Của Gió (NXB Thuận Hoá, 2003) và Sự Trinh Bạch Của Ngọn Nến (NXB Hội Nhà Văn, 2007). Đây là bản dịch ba bài thơ rất hay của anh từ quyển Người Câu Bóng Mình, như là một sự chúc mừng nồng ấm của tôi dành cho nhà thơ nhân dịp ra mắt tập sách mới

VTNM 22/7/2011

Vo Van Luyen – Catching His Own Shadow


Catching His Own Shadow (Vietnam Writers’ Association Publishing House, 2011) is the third poetry collection of Vo Van Luyen. As introduced by his brother Vo Van Hoa, the book is elegantly presented, cover designed by artist Vo Xuan Huy. 64 poems with various styles and distinct voice were carefully selected. His previous poetry collections are: The Aquilaria Sense of The Wind (Thuan Hoa Publishing House, 2003) and The Purity of The Candle (Vietnam Writers’ Association Publishing House,2007). Here is the translation of his three admirable poems from Catching His Own Shadow, as the warmest congratulation from me, on the launching of his new book.


Catching His Own Shadow

 (written by poet Vo Van Luyen on the 13 of May 2010, translated by Vo Thi Nhu Mai on the 22nd of July 2011)


He kills himself slowly as time goes by

as his erythrocyte falls asleep

as the U letter runs fast like the wind

as his heart overturns


He looks up and prays for peace

for a thousand years after, a thousand years before

for the creased happiness, lost and found love

for the wooden bell stricken, the prayers narrowing the night and soul

He leaves the kisses behind

leaves the roses outside the window

leaves an oar in the night, the crowded streets

to sit down catching his own shadow

The Lyrics of January

(written by poet Vo Van Luyen, translated by Vo Thi Nhu Mai on the 22nd of July 2011)


I can feel January filled with passing wind, gleaming moon, green field and silvery mist

blossomed chrysanthemum, water-fern in the river, my bent – backed mother holding curved cane and cloth- bag

oh dear sister urban maquillage in thinly dress oh dazed lotus rhizome


I can feel January, the stork migrating to her motherland

childhood susurrant, here Bamboo Jacks, here Bermuda and Nut Grass, here Cat and Mouse Game

a floating boat enthusing to whisper a lyric, a drifting river impassioning the profuse poetic inspiration


I can feel January, shiny eyes beneath acquitted eyelashes, decking out in new clothes, a dimple on your cheek

purely fresh and delight flower buds, spring for everyone no matter rich or poor


I can feel January, here my parents, grandparents; here the Goby

there sunshine garden, the sky with tingeing of heavenly blue; there pearls of laughter plaiting into a string of rosary

prayer getting lost towards the nirvana, someone loading tangles to this world


I can feel January, filled with storms near and far, spring waters, river spate

I can feel January, wedding flowers in the village

I can feel January, rice shivering by the stream

I can feel January, filled with never-ending dreams

Native Wells

– For the Gio An Well Village –

(written by poet Vo Van Luyen, translated by Vo Thi Nhu Mai on the 22nd of July 2011)


My mother said:

Dear son, look at your imagine in our native well whenever you feel sorrow

your misty sadness will fly high with the wind into the sky

sparkling happiness will make a string of pearls,

give it to a faraway drifter

My father said:

Whenever you are lost on the way full of dust,

search for the native well’s mirror

You will find

the lost and found in life is not as sad as your fallen childhood’s well


My sister said:

Don’t search for love somewhere in a distance

Our native well is as pure as our native girls eating green Liet leaves

Glow the village years by years as they blossom


My brother said:

Whenever you are wandering about

and fail to remember how

Look into the well and ask the Goby if any leaf is dropped

Why does the amulet get caught in the universe?


And I told myself

Praying in the infinity

For the village wells, the immensely generous soul of the heaven and earth



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